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Public Speaking Competition 2016

PublicMore than Words, More than Sounds. We have recently held the latest institutional Public Speaking Competition working on the topic: Integrity Has No Need of Rules. By far, one of the most difficult topics presented by the English Speaking Union which led to a even more difficult decision to the judges, since our four contestants were outstanding.

Firstly, Miss Clara Armellin delighted us with her speech, which even included a Greek myth. Clara was, no doubt, an example of the academic excellence we are so proud of in Glasgow College.

Then, Miss Victoria Fernandez shone with her charming pronunciation and appealing body language when performing her speech. Victoria depicts how Public Speaking is a combination of words, pauses and sights.

Thirdly, Miss Julieta Bustos made quite a statement by saying ´Defeat Ambition, Let Integrity Win!´. Her speech was so powerful that it could definitely change any listener’s point of view regarding integrity.

Finally, in a more emotional tone, Miss Victoria Swiecicki convinced us that integrity is a choice, and that all of us know someone we can relate to the word Integrity.

After these outstanding performances, the way speakers answered the questioning panel questions and a great deal of work, the jury decided on Miss Victoria Swiecicky to represent Glasgow College at the British Embassy. Shall Victoria win, she will be sent to London to represent Argentina. Let’s wish her the best!

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