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Why do we teach English in kindergarten?

YesEducating young children is not at all surprising. We all know young children acquire knowledge like little sponges. That’s why there are even more benefits when teaching foreign languages to children in kindergarten. A second language should be introduced as early as possible due to these three reasons.

Intellectual benefits. According to recent studies, learning a new language helps children to develop their brains. Because through exposure to new languages, children naturally experience coding and decoding process. As a result, there are more connections among neurons. The more connections you have, the easier it is for your brain to adapt to meet the demands of environmental stimuli. Moreover, children obtain vocabulary more naturally than adults. Thus, the earlier children are taught foreign languages, the deeper they understand, the faster they learn and of course, the better they are.

Grammar and Phonology. When exposed to a foreign language in a natural way, little kids understand it as a means of communication and acquire the complex structures spontaneously without effort. The same happens with sounds. The brain has the ability to distinguish sounds from the different languages and reproduce them naturally ONLY at an early age.

Socio-emotional benefit. When you are having FUN and you ENJOY what you are doing, your brain anchors the new information in your long term memory because you EXPERIENCE what you are learning. When English is learnt through games, stories, songs and surrounded by friends your brain “falls in love” with this experience.

At Glasgow Kindergarten, share lots of these marvelous moments in English… we will have lots of surprises and activities to make our learning process FUN and NATURAL!!!

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