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Language Project, 3rd Year: "My School"

ProyectoStudents from 3rd Year started this year with a brand new Language project. Its title was ‘My School’ and, as it suggests, they had to do some research into the history of their own educational institution.

They had to delve into the first steps of Glasgow College as part of the bilingual education system. The whole class was divided into groups and dealt with a variety of questions that led to the final outcome of the project. Some questions posed were: When was my school founded? Why is it called ‘Glasgow College’? Who are the heads of the school? How did they arrive at school? What is the educational purpose of our school? Who are the English teachers? What does the school do to let its community participate? What are the school’s events?

Furthermore, they had to interview 5 teachers and the English Head, and ask them what they like the most about their school and why they decided to become teachers.

After interviewing their teachers, they wrote down all the information on posters and displayed them in the corridors of the school, which seemed to be a nice surprise for everyone…

Not only did they show their enthusiasm for the project, but they also worked hard to learn more about the institution that is helping them become better individuals and professionals in the not too distant future…

Miss Ivana Ertola

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