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MoviesAugust and September were months devoted to SHOWTIME. Throughout these months, we talked about modern love stories and new versions of Romeo and Juliet. With 3rd Year, we also explored how TV programmes, TV series and films influence the choices of viewers around the world.

When comparing and contrasting TV programmes around the world, they learnt new COMPARATIVE and SUPERLATIVE structures, and incorporated more lexis into their developinginterlanguage. Two cases in point are: Time will tell and I learn some information by heart. They also worked on words which are similar, but, actually, different, such as COSTUME and CUSTOM, or CHARACTER and PERSONALITY.

Learning how to write a FILM REVIEW and a NARRATIVE (adventure, science fiction and suspense stories) was also part of their class and homework these two months. There are, for sure, some films 3rd Year recommends: The Purge, Finding Nemo, The Hunger Games, among others…
Finally, we watched a TED TALK on how film producers and programmers CREATE PIXAR ANIMATION MOVIES!!! Amazing! They learnt about the importance of science and art in films, such as Wall-e, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Brave.As a follow-up activity, they had to discuss and answer some questions in small groups, based on the notes they had taken while watching the TED TALK video.
There is no denying the fact that 3rd Year loves watching films and TV series; in other words, they love SHOWTIME!

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