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Public Speaking Competition 2017

Public“To define is to limit” Once again Glasgow College has celebrated the Internal Public Speaking Competition so that one and only one student represents us at the British Embassy this month. 

The event was not only an important moment for our students to speak up their minds about the topic mentioned before but also an emotional situation for everyone there because we could all see our candidates perform so wonderfully.

Although fortunately every year students are willing to participate, the number of candidates was amazing this year, which means how eager they were to take part in this internal competition and this makes us feel proud of them and their effort towards achieving their own goals.

The topic to work on was nothing but complicated, especially for teenagers. Nevertheless, they all worked hard and got very interesting points of view that they shared with their own classmates and other students at the school. Some of the candidates participated for a second time, which shows their incredible commitment towards the school, some others just engaged in this competition because they wanted to express their views and others just took this opportunity as a moment of self-discovery and challenge, which makes us feel joy.

We would like to thank all the candidates who wholeheartedly committed to this event that is so relevant for Glasgow College. Thank you…Julieta Bustos, Lucas Donnapaolo, Victoria Fernández, Mercedes García, Catalina Pérez Bottazzini, Victoria Swiecicki, Luciano Wolkomirski, Rodolfo Favro Velo, Melina García, Sol Morales Vranic and Santiago Basilico (our winner!). At last but not least, we would also like to thank all those who collaborated so that this event could be a success…the Masters of Ceremony, the Timekeepers, people in charge of the decoration and those responsible for the sound. Thank you to the Questioning Panel and the Jury.

Let’s put our hearts and positive wishes into Santiago’s experience so that he spends a good time at the Embassy and represents us!!!

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