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Bilingual Celebration

ExamWe have delivered all the certificates corresponding to PET, FCE, CAE and IGCSE 2016. We celebrated knowledge and achievement. Here some words written by Victoria Fernandez from 6th year regarding her own experience while sitting for IGCSEs Last year was a tough year. 

We had 4 IGCSEs exams to prepare: We had to learn how to answer questions in Spanish as a First Language and to study for Biology, Math and Environmental Management.Yet, it wasn't as hard as we had thought.

Sitting for those exams wasn't easy yet not impossible. Generally, when something new appears in our lives we tend to be scared. In my case, I had to polish every skill and I had tostudy a lot. Those studying hours and months of practice led me to achieving my goal.

All of us had the potential to take IGCSEs, yes, we had to practise a lot, study and be responsible for what we were doing. Having these skills means managing anything we want to do, it is just a matter of organizing your time. Taking international exams involves months of practice, perseverance, responsibility and hours of study, among others. Every person has the knowledge and capacity to do so.

Come on! You can do it! Study and take advantage of the hours at school. If you want to sit for these exams but you do not feel ready yet, then keep on working hard. If you feel like you are prepared, then continue feeling like that, for the simple reason that you are the one who decides what path to follow. Keep trying and achieve your goals!

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