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Glasgow College - Colegio bilingüe y laico

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The Glasgow style

         GLASGOW COLLEGE is a bilingual, secular and mixed institution. Led by highly capable people who are experienced and constantly improving in calibre, it offers the following stages of education: Nursery School, Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary. 

        We aim to foster in our pupils the enterprising spirit necessary for them to attain their goals. We promote an education centred on understanding, allowing the pupils to become critical thinkers, capable of raising and solving problems. Graduates from Glasgow College will be people who can deal with the complexity that exists in the contemporary world. 

        The pupils’ interests are considered essential, as an important starting point for learning. We avoid memorising and the learning of concepts without truly understanding them. Academic subjects are not taught in isolation and we endeavour to incorporate learning into everyday activities. 

        By means of interdisciplinary work, the contents of various academic fields integrate with each other and provide focus for the all-round development of the pupil. We aim for a unified criterion, avoiding the repetition of material in both languages by way of an Integrated Bilingual Curriculum

        Our objective is to develop creative people who can see multiple possibilities in the subjects they study and learn how to act on their knowledge.


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