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        An important part of the pupils’ timetable is dedicated to the following sporting activities: Athletics, Football, Rugby, Hockey, Volleyball and Living in Nature.

 Each of these activities serves, amongst other things, to allow the pupils to develop teamwork skills, a winning spirit, respect for the opposing team and the strengthening of friendship. Furthermore, physical exercise is emphasised, so that the pupil gets to know and begins to master his or her body, establishes an adequate sense of time and space and imitates and reproduces movements. 

Sports in Glasgow College have as their objective the enjoyment of the activity in itself, as well as the integration and participation of all the pupils. The activities are based on the stage of development of the pupils, taking into account the perceptive, cognitive, socio-emotional, physical and motor functions, in order to achieve an overall training.

        During the first cycle of Basic Primary Education the pupils undertake sporting activities in the school’s own facilities, as we provide playing fields for this purpose. From the second cycle of the BPE and during the entire Secondary Level, they may also assemble at the sports field of the Club Los Cedros, having been transported by vehicles and staff from our institution. 



 In addition to their weekly activity the pupils participate in different events, such as: 

  • Inter-house Sports

  • Sports Day

  • Interschool Sports Leagues

  • Sports Tours

  • Camps