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Glasgow College - Colegio bilingüe y laico

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Glasgow College is equipped with modern educational facilities, with a building specifically designed to provide the greatest possible comfort to the pupils, placing special emphasis on its maintenance and hygiene. Campus Size: 5.000 m2.


Details of the facilities:

  • The entire building is equipped with air conditioning and heating.

  • The Nursery School has a special section of changing mats, beds and washrooms. The Kindergarten Level has integrated washrooms in each room and PVC floors to avoid knocks.

  • Ample Multiple Use Room (MUR) with modern decoration for Institutional Events with a stage for Academic Ceremonies and Concerts.

  •  Science laboratories in accordance with current health and safety legislation.

  • Library.

  • Each institutional level has Smart Boards, boards whose surface is an interactive display and touchscreen from which you can control any PC application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Internet browsing.

  • LCD and projectors with screens.

  • Information Technology Room with modern computers, LCD monitors and free Internet access.

  • Independent dining hall, separate from the main building.

  • Lockers for each pupil in his or her classroom.

  • We monitor the security of the building by means of closed-circuit television and a private security company is contracted for this purpose.

  • There are two doors for entering the building from different streets, one of them allowing vehicle entry to guarantee the safety of the pupils.