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Project “My Story”

History5º B was involved in a new project… They started by inventing and writing their own stories related to unit 5 “The Wild West”. Then, they designed their comics and… last but not least… they delivered their oral presentations and did it wonderfully!! Well done!! Thumbs up =) Take a look at the pics!



MoviesAugust and September were months devoted to SHOWTIME. Throughout these months, we talked about modern love stories and new versions of Romeo and Juliet. With 3rd Year, we also explored how TV programmes, TV series and films influence the choices of viewers around the world.

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Kinder - Acto del día del Maestro

MaestraEl pasado Viernes hemos compartido el acto del Día del maestro. Ha sido una hermosa sorpresa ver a tantas mamás participando de la dramatización del cuento ¨La historia de la zanahoria". 

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Kinder - Un museo en la escuela

DinoEl Lunes 12 de Septiembre se realizará un museo de dinosaurios y una reserva natural!, Sala celeste y Sala azul los prepararon y armaron con todos los conocimientos aprendidos en el proyecto "Animales en peligro de extinción". Pudieron visitarlo todas las salas del jardín. FELICITACIONES!


Feliz día del Maestro!

Maestro"La educación no cambia al mundo, cambia a las personas que van a cambiar al mundo"



Poetry Festival

PoetryOur first Poetry Festival was indeed a Literature celebration! Our students from first, second and third year delivered poems of their own creation or poems written by contemporary authors.

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Glasgow Team Broadcasting Live

BroadcastingOur team of speakers from secondary school took part in the first Argentine Speech Day with the topic Thoughts for a Better World. This is the national version of the World Speech Day which will take place in March 2017.

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6th B and their "A CLOSE SHAVE"

MovieAs a final task, 6th form students have performed different parts of this funny and interesting story. They all worked wonderfully and enjoyed their time doing it! Great job 6th! Watch our video!


Glasgow at Dot

JAOnce again and as every year, our students from 5th year have successfully participated in “Feria de las Compañias”, a programe by Junior Achievement. Last Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August, Hipnos, the company that our students have founded, represented our school with enthusiasm and dedication selling Hooddiez at Dot shopping center.

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Into the woods!

ConcertIt is with great joy and happiness that I am writing this article to congratulate our Drama team on the wonderful work they have done.The contribution and dedication of all the people who have helped in every aspect of the play is worthy of special praise and recognition for the commitment of them all.

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Kinder – Music is in the air

ConcertWe walk around the different classes and we can hear beautiful songs and lots of happy faces enjoying them! Our little ones are preparing our magical concert "Music is in the Air". As they share a great variety of activities with their teachers, they sing famous songs from very well-known musicals! We are getting ready!!!


Una grata experiencia!

ComunicacionLa Universidad Austral les brindó a los chicos de sexto año del nivel secundario una charla con modalidad de taller sobre “Comunicación Social” ,las incumbencias de dicha disciplina y cómo se maneja exactamente en el mundo laboral.

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Día de la Solidaridad

Solidario"Lo más importante no es lo que damos sino el amor que ponemos al dar". El pasado viernes 26 de agosto hemos realizado una hermosa campaña solidaria. Los tres niveles de Glasgow College una vez más nos unimos.

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2nd form news!

BeedroomWe have just finished a unit in which we learned about our bedroom; what there is in it, what we like and do there. Last week we had fun in the sun drawing and describing our ideal bedroom!

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